Event Details

Route Details:

*Beginning at Little East Bear Arena*

1. Head east on Marquette St
2. Turn right onto N State Street/I-75BL (heading south)
3. Stay right on I-75BL
4. Continue straight onto on Hwy US-2 (now heading west)
5. Continue on US-2 for about 23 miles (enjoy the view!)
6. Turn right on Worth Rd (will be heavily marked!)
7. Continue east on Worth Rd for about 10 miles**
8. Turn right on to M-123 (heading southeast), continue for about 8 miles
9. Turn right and merge on to I-75S
10. Continue on I-75S for about 25 miles (includes bridge crossing!)***
11. Take Seashell City exit on the right (Exit 326)
11. Take a quick left after exit ramp on E Levering/M66
12. Take another quick left on to the I-75N ramp
12. Merge and continue on I-75N back to St Ignace (we will cross back over the bridge)***
13. Take the St Ignace exit on the right (Exit 344A)
13. Turn right on I-75BL/N State Street
15. Turn left on Marquette St
16. Welcome Back! Little Bear East Arena will be on your right!

*We will have a pace car marked with flags. Please stay behind the pace car in order to capture the record accurately!

**This is where we'll be going for the record. Worth Rd is a 10 mile straightaway where we can get every single MINI lined up! Please drive slow and stay with the pack 

***Bridge crossing passes AND detailed route information will be included in your event-day packets.


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